About Us

MY TRAVEL is established on OCTOBER 01, 2014 with 2 founders: İKBAL SEYDİ, SAEİT MOTLAGH and 4 employees. The third. partner, SALAR RAHIMI, joined the company in October 2015.

Today, the company operates in Istanbul with 12 employees acting as the leading Incoming tour operator focusing on the IRAN and CHINE market in Turkey. Started with CHINE market in 2014.

MY TRAVEL is now the well-known, respected and trustworthy partner of leading outbound tour operators and travel agencies in tehran,isfahan,meshad,shiraz,beiging,shanghay and oromchi.

MY TRAVEL  in 2015, according to a study trip to Iran due to the country's tourism attractions and cultural proximity of Iran and Turkey decided to launch Tours from Turkey to Iran.

Our Quality:

7 day / 24 hours quick and non-stop services:

Our hospitality and geniality:

Difference stem from experiencea:

Improvement and development based on technology:

Our Mission:

Providing different travel experiences to our guests by offering “minimum cost and the best quality” and proud of host them again.

Our Vision:

Constitute and emit a successful example of presenting qualified service concept through developed new method.